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3 Best Restaurants In New York

New York is undoubtedly the gourmand capital of the United States. Some of the best restaurants in the country are to be found in the Big Apple. This list was arrived at by looking at various accredited global and American based rankings.


3 Best Restaurants In New YorkThis beautiful restaurant is to be found on the Lower East Side. The downside to fixed price meals is that usually excessively expensive. However, the meals in this place are surprisingly affordable. The restaurant has a beautiful interior design that heightens the fell of the food. The restaurant meals are seasonal-based. That means they always have something special for each occasion. It would be a great place to go for a Valentine’s Day date, for instance. Their meals are beautifully designed and the designs are quite original. The Chef is definitely top class. If one finds themselves on the Lower East side, this would be a great place to be. The service there is world class.


3 Best Restaurants In New YorkThe restaurant found in Midtown is a top-notch place. It was recently awarded the Michelin Star this year (2015). The restaurant’s exquisite meals are prepared to two grandmasters who previously worked under Daniel in Eleven Madison Park. If one tastes a bit of Betony, they are not likely to forget the experience soon. The meals are a perfect blend of flavors that will leave pleasant memories long after leaving the place. Everyone who visits the place just wants to keep going back for more. The restaurant has a nice warm atmosphere; starkly different from the corporate suits that frequent the place regularly. Besides the great food, the restaurant also serves some of the best cocktails in the City. Luke Wohlers is the man in charge of the wine; he has built a great reputation over the years. The restaurant is bi-level and would definitely be a great for one to treat themselves occasionally.


3 Best Restaurants In New YorkThis is undoubtedly New York’s most romantic restaurant. The restaurant, located in the Manhattan area, is full of flamboyant tapered candles that give a warm glow to the place. In addition, it is filled with rows of apples, which give the restaurant a distinctive orchard scent, quite a romantic setting to propose or take a loved one. Besides these two, the restaurant is filled with other glitzy decoration that makes the entire restaurant feel so romantic. The color scheme for this restaurant is a blend between a purple and pink. The walls of the restaurant are covered with ManqueMonets paintings, from the impressionist era. In an area where restaurants are moving towards Modern style, Picasso-inspired designs. This is quite a welcome change. The desserts offered at the place are undoubtedly the best in New York. No other restaurant even comes close.


Although there are many nice restaurants in New York, these three stand out. One should definitely consider paying a visit to one of them if they happen to be in town. A visit ti the city would not be complete without a taste of New York’s finest food.

How to Make Great Pasta? The Simplest Way

How to Make Great Pasta? The Simplest WayPasta is a simple, economical and hearty meal to prepare. It comes in many flavors, sizes and shapes. It can be served in soups, or it can be served as baked foods like lasagna. Boiled pastas such as spaghetti can be served with different sauces to make it interesting. However, to enjoy a great meal of pasta, you must prepare it right.

Purchasing pasta

In order to make great pasta, you will need to purchase the best variety. The recommended pasta is that which is made of 100% semolina or durum wheat. This pasta variety retains firmness and shape while it is being prepared.

Measuring pasta

Most pasta tends to double up in volume when fully cooked. It is advisable to measure pasta by weight instead of using a cup if you want to achieve accurate results. A group of six people can be served with one pound of fresh or dry pasta as an appetizer. If it is the main course, then one pound will serve four people.

Cooking pasta

· Pasta needs a lot of water for it to be cooked properly. Too little water and a tiny pot will make the pasta clumpy and stick together and therefore lead to uneven cooking. A pound of pasta should be prepared with a pot that can hold at least 6 quarts of water.

· Use only cold or cool water. As noted above, using a lot of water washes away the exuded starch thus prevents pasta from sticking together. Make sure you fill the big pot with three quarters of cold water. Every four ounces of dry pasta should be cooked with one quart of cold water.

· When the water is boiling, add salt. Adding salt to the water at this stage brings out the natural flavor of pasta making it taste better. Salt should only be added when water has boiled completely. Use 2 tablespoons of salt for every pound of pasta.

How to Make Great Pasta? The Simplest Way· Add all the pasta at a go to the boiling water. Bringing the water back to a boil, stir the pasta gently so that it does not stick to the cooking pot. Stirring should be done within the first two minutes.

· Put the lid of the pot back lightly to bring the water back to a boil faster. This helps to prevent the pasta appearing mushy after sitting too long in non-boiling water.

· When the pot is back to boiling, remove the lid for the remaining part of the cooking time. Stir gently.

· The package directions should give you the cooking time required for the pasta to be ready. However, you should test it yourself to make sure it is firm to bite or al dente.

· When the pasta is ready, turn the heat off and then scoop one cup of pasta cooking water. This pasta water contains starch nutrients that can be used to thicken your sauce.

· Drain the pasta quickly and loosely. Make sure not to rinse the pasta since you will wash away a lot of nutrients.

· With your prepared sauce, you can then toss the pasta inside a warmed saucepan. To bring the two flavors together, cook it for around two minutes.


Many people follow the wrong cooking methods and end up with pasta which is sticky, mushy and flavorless. With the best method on how to make great pasta, you will like every moment of this great meal.

5 Places to Have Fresh Juice In Denver

Most other juice places do not get it right like those in Denver. The juice places in Denver stand out by being able to offer customers juice that is freshly squeezed. The juices are available in a wide variety of flavors and combinations. These juices are especially great for those who are conscious about their health. In addition, these places also serve fresh fruits to customers.

1. Whole Foods

Like most other “juicing” spots, the method uses cold pressing. This has many advantages for customers. The cold press is a method where the juice is squeezed out of the fruit without slicing it, as most people do with juicers at home. In doing so, the machine does not heat up the juice. Consequently, essential nutrients are retainedand best of all, the juices comes in a variety of combinations. One can get more nutrients into their system than by simply taking fruits.

2. True Food Kitchen

5 Places to have Fresh Juice in DenverThis restaurant is located in the heart of Detroit, Denver. For restaurants to practice the principles of healthy eating is quite encouraging. The restaurant also uses the cold press method previously mentioned to prepare its juices. In addition, the restaurant also serves healthy foods. All the food is carefully prepared in a way that does not reduce the nutritious content. One of the partners of the place, Doctor Weil, is a qualified medical doctor from Harvard University. His knowledge is human health has definitely played a big role in making this one of the healthiest restaurants in Denver.

3. Jamba Juice

Jamba JuiceThis is one of the commercial pioneers of healthy drinks. They saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. The company has many branches all over America, including Denver. The staff is always professional and they have a wide variety of juices. This would be a great place to get a nutritious drink in Denver. They have a spot at 951 16th street in Denver.

4. Juicing Tree

The place is great for t5 Places to have Fresh Juice in Denverhose who want to take organic juices. The restaurant claims they use only organic vegetables and fruit to prepare their juices. All their juices are handmade using the cold press method. This method has been proven to extract about four times more nutrients than other methods. All the juices are stored carefully and can last for about four days. The juices are unpasteurized to ensure that, as much of the nutrient content remains unaltered. They take care to ensure that their juices are perfectly balanced to stimulate the taste buds. This is markedly different from some that water down their juices with cucumbers. They are to be found at Ivanhoe Street between 16th and Colfax.

5. Pressed Juice Daily

This is one of the greatest places in Denver to get some fresh juice into the system. They have a number of detox combinations for people who are looking to stay healthy or lose some weight. They have been in the fruit juice industry for quite some time now and understand the needs of their customers quite well. However, they also do home deliveries for those who their perfect blend of healthy fruit juice delivered to their home.


Healthy juices have really caught on in the past few years. Their positive effects are well documented and backed by scientific research. Drinking fruit juices is no longer considered a fad. It is necessary for those who want to live longer, healthier lives.

Steak Knife Review: Finding the Best Steak Knife


Steak Knife ReviewGood steak knives have much in common. They have a sophisticated appearance, they are constructed with materials of the highest quality, and they cut through steaks easily. Similar to good kitchen knives, in order for steak knives to cut properly, they must be comfortable, sharp, sturdy, and well balanced. Since steak knives come in different blades and handle types, here are some of the things to consider when looking for a good steak knife to purchase as in this article

Good balance

Many people ignore good balance when looking for a steak knife. Most people just consider the blade as an indication of the knife’s sharpness. Although sharpness is an important feature, the balance plays a major role in the selection process.

Since there are different varieties of steak knives, the manufacturer is the one who should ensure that the knife has good balance. If you are shopping online, you might not be in position to handle the knife and feel the balance. For a steak knife with good balance:

– It should look inviting to pick up and comfortable to hold

– The handle should be proportional to the blade


Fit means that all the components of the knife are properly assembled together. There should be no noticeable gaps between the blades and the handles. The knife should also appear smooth and seamless. The best steak knives have a fine fit that contribute to the rigidity and the strength of the knife as a whole. A good fit also ensures that moisture, contaminants and fluids, do not penetrate the handle, which would lead to damages.

The blade of the knife

Steak Knife ReviewWhen looking for a steak knife to purchase, there are three types of blades to choose. There is no perfect type of blade when it comes to selection. The type chosen is mostly influenced by the preferences of the user or buyer.

Serrated edges – they are very easy use when cutting through crusty pieces like breads and roasts. Since the number of exposed edges is smaller, they tend to retain sharpness for longer periods when compared to straight edge blades. The surface of meat cut using a serrated edge appears teary, while a knife with a sharp straight edge produces a clean cut. These are the most preferred types of steak knives.

Straight edge – it results in a clean and smooth cut, and does not tear the meat’s fibers. It is easier to sharpen. However, it requires sharpening more frequently than a serrate blade, since it does not retain sharpness for long, especially when used to cut meat placed on ceramic plates.

Hollow edge – this is a steak knife whose blade has measured indentations along the edge. When cutting through vegetables or meat, the slice between the slice and the hollow edge creates a pocket of space. As a result, finer slices are achieved and the food does not stick on the blade.


Choosing the best steak knife can be a challenging task, especially if you are not sure how to go about it. The task is even made harder by the numerous brands that are available to choose. The best steak knife is the one that is comfortable to handle and cuts through with ease.