Steak Knife Review: Finding the Best Steak Knife


Steak Knife ReviewGood steak knives have much in common. They have a sophisticated appearance, they are constructed with materials of the highest quality, and they cut through steaks easily. Similar to good kitchen knives, in order for steak knives to cut properly, they must be comfortable, sharp, sturdy, and well balanced. Since steak knives come in different blades and handle types, here are some of the things to consider when looking for a good steak knife to purchase as in this article

Good balance

Many people ignore good balance when looking for a steak knife. Most people just consider the blade as an indication of the knife’s sharpness. Although sharpness is an important feature, the balance plays a major role in the selection process.

Since there are different varieties of steak knives, the manufacturer is the one who should ensure that the knife has good balance. If you are shopping online, you might not be in position to handle the knife and feel the balance. For a steak knife with good balance:

– It should look inviting to pick up and comfortable to hold

– The handle should be proportional to the blade


Fit means that all the components of the knife are properly assembled together. There should be no noticeable gaps between the blades and the handles. The knife should also appear smooth and seamless. The best steak knives have a fine fit that contribute to the rigidity and the strength of the knife as a whole. A good fit also ensures that moisture, contaminants and fluids, do not penetrate the handle, which would lead to damages.

The blade of the knife

Steak Knife ReviewWhen looking for a steak knife to purchase, there are three types of blades to choose. There is no perfect type of blade when it comes to selection. The type chosen is mostly influenced by the preferences of the user or buyer.

Serrated edges – they are very easy use when cutting through crusty pieces like breads and roasts. Since the number of exposed edges is smaller, they tend to retain sharpness for longer periods when compared to straight edge blades. The surface of meat cut using a serrated edge appears teary, while a knife with a sharp straight edge produces a clean cut. These are the most preferred types of steak knives.

Straight edge – it results in a clean and smooth cut, and does not tear the meat’s fibers. It is easier to sharpen. However, it requires sharpening more frequently than a serrate blade, since it does not retain sharpness for long, especially when used to cut meat placed on ceramic plates.

Hollow edge – this is a steak knife whose blade has measured indentations along the edge. When cutting through vegetables or meat, the slice between the slice and the hollow edge creates a pocket of space. As a result, finer slices are achieved and the food does not stick on the blade.


Choosing the best steak knife can be a challenging task, especially if you are not sure how to go about it. The task is even made harder by the numerous brands that are available to choose. The best steak knife is the one that is comfortable to handle and cuts through with ease.

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