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Health Benefits of Making Your Own Juice

Health Benefits of Making Your Own JuiceHealth authorities have recommended that an individual should take six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables each day. However, reaching such a target, and in a consistent way, is not easy. One of the most sustainable ways of attaining such health objectives is adopting the practice of juicing. Generally, juicing allows optimal preservation of natural vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, that are extracted from the raw produce.

Health Benefits of Juice

There are numerous benefits of making your own juice. To start with, juices carry all the benefits of a whole product but in a refined and condensed form. For instance, a pound of carrots is a rich source of protein and calcium. Similarly, vegetable juices such as beet or spinach are rich in nutrients.

Second, Dr. Mercola, an established nutritionist, states that consumption of less than optimal food preferences have led to a situation where individuals face challenging digestion problems. Consequently, it becomes very difficult for the body to absorb the nutrients. Juicing is a solution to that. It ensures that your digestive system does not go through the straining work of digesting fiber. In addition to that, juicing ensures that you consume a variety of diets each and every day. By implication, you are not going to be allergic to a certain type of food.

Third, juicing provides versatility when it comes to consumption of fruits and vegetables. Quite a number of people do not find the consumption of wholesome fruits and vegetables appealing. Similarly, quite a number of people are always on the run due to work or school commitments. In such cases, trying juicing is going to ensure that one does not ignore his or her nutritional needs.

Lastly, plants have been used for a medicinal value since time immemorial. Hippocrates- the father of medicine- stated that human beings should let the food they consume be their medicine. Juicing is not necessarily a substitute for conventional medicine and health care. Rather, it is a great complimentary to medical care and it plays a very critical role in improving immunity, preventing disease, and providing wholesome nutrients.

Other Benefits of Juicing;

  • Detoxification after a long time of consuming junk food as well as other chemicals.Health Benefits of Making Your Own Juice
  • Promotes weight loss efforts
  • Keeping the stomach full in order to avoid over-consumption of food
  • Giving the body the ability to sustain its energy requirements
  • A time saving way of feeding
  • Can be very helpful if one is sick and is not able to eat or drink normally
  • Reducing the risk of getting cancer


The value of juicing cannot be underestimated. You can make your own juice at home using a juicer. Alternatively, you can use a trendy juice bar. Furthermore, you can visit the supermarket for freshly squeezed juice. If you are not sure about the best juicing plan for you, it is advisable that you read consumer reports or seek the advice of a health practitioner. Similarly, you are going to realize optimal results if you become faithful to a specific juicing plan. Overall, juicing plays a positive role in promoting the health of an individual, in both short-term and long-term.

5 Places to Have Fresh Juice In Denver

Most other juice places do not get it right like those in Denver. The juice places in Denver stand out by being able to offer customers juice that is freshly squeezed. The juices are available in a wide variety of flavors and combinations. These juices are especially great for those who are conscious about their health. In addition, these places also serve fresh fruits to customers.

1. Whole Foods

Like most other “juicing” spots, the method uses cold pressing. This has many advantages for customers. The cold press is a method where the juice is squeezed out of the fruit without slicing it, as most people do with juicers at home. In doing so, the machine does not heat up the juice. Consequently, essential nutrients are retainedand best of all, the juices comes in a variety of combinations. One can get more nutrients into their system than by simply taking fruits.

2. True Food Kitchen

5 Places to have Fresh Juice in DenverThis restaurant is located in the heart of Detroit, Denver. For restaurants to practice the principles of healthy eating is quite encouraging. The restaurant also uses the cold press method previously mentioned to prepare its juices. In addition, the restaurant also serves healthy foods. All the food is carefully prepared in a way that does not reduce the nutritious content. One of the partners of the place, Doctor Weil, is a qualified medical doctor from Harvard University. His knowledge is human health has definitely played a big role in making this one of the healthiest restaurants in Denver.

3. Jamba Juice

Jamba JuiceThis is one of the commercial pioneers of healthy drinks. They saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. The company has many branches all over America, including Denver. The staff is always professional and they have a wide variety of juices. This would be a great place to get a nutritious drink in Denver. They have a spot at 951 16th street in Denver.

4. Juicing Tree

The place is great for t5 Places to have Fresh Juice in Denverhose who want to take organic juices. The restaurant claims they use only organic vegetables and fruit to prepare their juices. All their juices are handmade using the cold press method. This method has been proven to extract about four times more nutrients than other methods. All the juices are stored carefully and can last for about four days. The juices are unpasteurized to ensure that, as much of the nutrient content remains unaltered. They take care to ensure that their juices are perfectly balanced to stimulate the taste buds. This is markedly different from some that water down their juices with cucumbers. They are to be found at Ivanhoe Street between 16th and Colfax.

5. Pressed Juice Daily

This is one of the greatest places in Denver to get some fresh juice into the system. They have a number of detox combinations for people who are looking to stay healthy or lose some weight. They have been in the fruit juice industry for quite some time now and understand the needs of their customers quite well. However, they also do home deliveries for those who their perfect blend of healthy fruit juice delivered to their home.


Healthy juices have really caught on in the past few years. Their positive effects are well documented and backed by scientific research. Drinking fruit juices is no longer considered a fad. It is necessary for those who want to live longer, healthier lives.