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How to Make Affordable Meals Using a Pressure Cooker?

How to Make Affordable Meals Using a Pressure CookerPreparing our meals with a pressure cooker is convenient, economical and also comes with nutritional benefits. Cooking times are drastically reduced. Food types that require long cooking hours such as dried beans and tough chunks of meat soften within no time when prepared using a pressure cooker. Foods prepared using a pressure cooker is more nutritious because the cooking liquid which has all the nutrients is not discarded.

Cooking with a pressure cooker also saves energy due to the minimal duration of cooking. Foods prepared with pressure cookers have been observed to contain fewer amounts of fats as compared to other cooking methods. To make affordable meals using a pressure cooker you will need to invest in a above average quality pressure cooker made from good material and from a good brand. There are some good options available and you can check out online reviews and blogs that cover some of these pressure cookers. For optimal results you will need to observe the following.

Be Keen With Frothy Foods

A lot of pressure tends to build up inside a pressure cooker during cooking. This is normal since it works under this principal. However, certain types of foods, can lead to a rapid build up of pressure inside the pot. These are the foods that become frothy when being cooked and the froth may contain particles which might block the vent. Such foods include beans and oats. If you want to cook such foods, ensure that they do not fill more than half.

Observe Time

If you want to get the best results from cooking with a pressure cooker, you should observe time. Different foods require different cooking times. Failure to observe time may lead to overcooking thus destroying the nutrients in the food and leading to build up of excess pressure inside the cooker.

Remain Close

Unexpected things might occur when using a pressure cooker (top brands of pressures cookers are easier to use as you can see on There may be excessive build up of pressure inside the pot or the vent might be blocked which can pose great danger. It is therefore advisable to remain in the kitchen and avoid unnecessary distractions. You should never leave the pressure cooker unattended at any one time.

Food Sizes Should Be Uniform

How to Make Affordable Meals Using a Pressure CookerIf you want to achieve consistency when cooking with a pressure cooker, it is advisable that food sizes should be uniform. This ensures even cooking. Large chunks of meat take longer cooking time than small pieces. If you are preparing food which will involve mixing meat with vegetables and potatoes, the meat should be cooked halfway before introducing the others. This will ensure that they will be fully cooked when the pot is removed from the fire.

Prepare With a Pressure Cooker

You can use a pressure cooker to prepare delicious and simple meals. Some of them include:
· Pressure cooked pasta casserole
· Pressure cooked French onion soup
· Pressure cooked Roasted baby potatoes
· Whole beer can chicken
· Chickpea spread
· Pressure cooked hard boiled eggs
· Pressure cooked bread.


Pressure cooked meals are delicious, satisfying and hearty. When cooked in the right way and with the correct mix of ingredients, they retain high amounts of minerals and vitamins which are needed for good health and energy production. Pressure cooked meals are substantial and can be enjoyed even by a whole family. With a pressure cooker you will enjoy greater convenience, better nutrition, lower energy bills, and lower grocery costs.

How to Make Great Pasta? The Simplest Way

How to Make Great Pasta? The Simplest WayPasta is a simple, economical and hearty meal to prepare. It comes in many flavors, sizes and shapes. It can be served in soups, or it can be served as baked foods like lasagna. Boiled pastas such as spaghetti can be served with different sauces to make it interesting. However, to enjoy a great meal of pasta, you must prepare it right.

Purchasing pasta

In order to make great pasta, you will need to purchase the best variety. The recommended pasta is that which is made of 100% semolina or durum wheat. This pasta variety retains firmness and shape while it is being prepared.

Measuring pasta

Most pasta tends to double up in volume when fully cooked. It is advisable to measure pasta by weight instead of using a cup if you want to achieve accurate results. A group of six people can be served with one pound of fresh or dry pasta as an appetizer. If it is the main course, then one pound will serve four people.

Cooking pasta

· Pasta needs a lot of water for it to be cooked properly. Too little water and a tiny pot will make the pasta clumpy and stick together and therefore lead to uneven cooking. A pound of pasta should be prepared with a pot that can hold at least 6 quarts of water.

· Use only cold or cool water. As noted above, using a lot of water washes away the exuded starch thus prevents pasta from sticking together. Make sure you fill the big pot with three quarters of cold water. Every four ounces of dry pasta should be cooked with one quart of cold water.

· When the water is boiling, add salt. Adding salt to the water at this stage brings out the natural flavor of pasta making it taste better. Salt should only be added when water has boiled completely. Use 2 tablespoons of salt for every pound of pasta.

How to Make Great Pasta? The Simplest Way· Add all the pasta at a go to the boiling water. Bringing the water back to a boil, stir the pasta gently so that it does not stick to the cooking pot. Stirring should be done within the first two minutes.

· Put the lid of the pot back lightly to bring the water back to a boil faster. This helps to prevent the pasta appearing mushy after sitting too long in non-boiling water.

· When the pot is back to boiling, remove the lid for the remaining part of the cooking time. Stir gently.

· The package directions should give you the cooking time required for the pasta to be ready. However, you should test it yourself to make sure it is firm to bite or al dente.

· When the pasta is ready, turn the heat off and then scoop one cup of pasta cooking water. This pasta water contains starch nutrients that can be used to thicken your sauce.

· Drain the pasta quickly and loosely. Make sure not to rinse the pasta since you will wash away a lot of nutrients.

· With your prepared sauce, you can then toss the pasta inside a warmed saucepan. To bring the two flavors together, cook it for around two minutes.


Many people follow the wrong cooking methods and end up with pasta which is sticky, mushy and flavorless. With the best method on how to make great pasta, you will like every moment of this great meal.