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3 Best Restaurants In New York

New York is undoubtedly the gourmand capital of the United States. Some of the best restaurants in the country are to be found in the Big Apple. This list was arrived at by looking at various accredited global and American based rankings.


3 Best Restaurants In New YorkThis beautiful restaurant is to be found on the Lower East Side. The downside to fixed price meals is that usually excessively expensive. However, the meals in this place are surprisingly affordable. The restaurant has a beautiful interior design that heightens the fell of the food. The restaurant meals are seasonal-based. That means they always have something special for each occasion. It would be a great place to go for a Valentine’s Day date, for instance. Their meals are beautifully designed and the designs are quite original. The Chef is definitely top class. If one finds themselves on the Lower East side, this would be a great place to be. The service there is world class.


3 Best Restaurants In New YorkThe restaurant found in Midtown is a top-notch place. It was recently awarded the Michelin Star this year (2015). The restaurant’s exquisite meals are prepared to two grandmasters who previously worked under Daniel in Eleven Madison Park. If one tastes a bit of Betony, they are not likely to forget the experience soon. The meals are a perfect blend of flavors that will leave pleasant memories long after leaving the place. Everyone who visits the place just wants to keep going back for more. The restaurant has a nice warm atmosphere; starkly different from the corporate suits that frequent the place regularly. Besides the great food, the restaurant also serves some of the best cocktails in the City. Luke Wohlers is the man in charge of the wine; he has built a great reputation over the years. The restaurant is bi-level and would definitely be a great for one to treat themselves occasionally.


3 Best Restaurants In New YorkThis is undoubtedly New York’s most romantic restaurant. The restaurant, located in the Manhattan area, is full of flamboyant tapered candles that give a warm glow to the place. In addition, it is filled with rows of apples, which give the restaurant a distinctive orchard scent, quite a romantic setting to propose or take a loved one. Besides these two, the restaurant is filled with other glitzy decoration that makes the entire restaurant feel so romantic. The color scheme for this restaurant is a blend between a purple and pink. The walls of the restaurant are covered with ManqueMonets paintings, from the impressionist era. In an area where restaurants are moving towards Modern style, Picasso-inspired designs. This is quite a welcome change. The desserts offered at the place are undoubtedly the best in New York. No other restaurant even comes close.


Although there are many nice restaurants in New York, these three stand out. One should definitely consider paying a visit to one of them if they happen to be in town. A visit ti the city would not be complete without a taste of New York’s finest food.

What Makes Great Food Stand Out?

Making food stand out can prove to be a task for many people. Choosing what goes on that plate requires a lot of consideration. However, this can be done easily without spending too much time and energy. These elements are what make great food stand out.

Taste and Flavor

What Makes Great Food Stand OutThere is nothing that keeps the mouth watery than that sweet flavor of food wafting from the kitchen. Selecting the right spices, herbs and seasoning will give your food good flavor. The aroma of the food determines the attitude of the eaters. Good flavor is enough to keep people glued to the dining tables waiting to savor that sweet smelling food.


It is a fact that we eat with our eyes first before food goes to our mouths. Food with varying colors looks more tasty and appetizing than monochromatic food. We always get the impression that food which looks great also tastes great. First impression is always visual. Therefore, great food will first stand out with color before we determine how tasty it is.


Food that has more variety is more appealing to the eye and fun to eat. According to medical daily, food texture is enough to determine whether a person enjoys a meal or not. If your main dish is very saucy, you can break it up with some soft starch food varieties to such as short ribs to soak up the juices. Fried chicken alone would look plain. When cabbages and mashed potatoes are added, it becomes crunchy, crisp and smooth.

Balanced and Healthy

What Makes Great Food Stand OutFor great food to stand out, it must be balanced and healthy to the eater. It should contain all the main elements of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats and minerals in adequate amount for it to stand out. A balanced meal gives our bodies all the required minerals for proper and optimal performance.


There is nothing frustrating than a tasty meal that comes in insufficient amounts. It leaves us licking our lips and hungrier than even before. For a great meal to stand out, it must be in sufficient amounts so that we are left feeling satisfied and full according to our portions.

Good Preparation

A great meal requires a cook who understands what he or she is preparing. Understanding menus and having top notch culinary skills will contribute to preparing a great meal. It is very easy to go to the kitchen and prepare a meal. However, great food that stands out requires a lot of time, effort and right attitude. You do not need to be the best cook in the country to prepare a great meal; you just need to understand your menu and some few tricks up your sleeve and your guests will be left satisfied.


What Makes Great Food Stand OutTo add to the flavor, good presentation of food makes it look great. A meal may be simple but the presentation style may make it look very appealing. If food is presented well, people automatically assume that it also tastes good. A unique presentation of food will add a certain level of greatness.


There are different factors that determine what makes a great food stand out. These range from color, variety, composition, preparation and presentation. Great food will come along with great taste, balanced and satisfying.