Using an Elliptical Machine to Get In Shape


Using an Elliptical Machine to Get In ShapeThe use of an elliptical machine has been the source of a bit of controversy. Some people even go the extent of claiming that this machine does not have any fitness benefits. However, all this talk is refuted by scientific facts, which prove that they do in fact work. One advantage elliptical machines have over treadmills is that they are great for cardiac exercises. The reason why some people do not get any benefits from using an elliptical is that they are doing it wrong. A fewer pointers can go a long way into making time on elliptical worthwhile.

Make Sure You Feel the Workout

Elliptical machines are designed to make it less of an effort to exercise on the machine, even the cheaper elliptical machines are good quality today, but it is better to select wisely and look for the high quality elliptical machine with the help of expert reviews at However, this can present a challenge, most people just assume it supposed to be completely easy. If one is not feeling the exercise as they work out, chances are that it is dialed too low. One should at least experience some level of resistance in order for their body to feel the effect.

Use the Handle Bars

Some people who use the elliptical machine end up mistaking it for another version of the trend meal. As a result, they use the handlebars only for support as they move their legs. It is important to note that the body will not make any meaningful gains from such a workout. The machine is designed to give the upper and lower body a simultaneous workout. One needs to make sure they are pushing and pulling the handlebars and feeling some resistance.Using an Elliptical Machine to Get In Shape

Correct Posture

Using the elliptical machine has a lot to do with maintaining perfect posture. Slouching can do more damage to the body than any perceived gains. One should make sure their legs are straightened out. In addition, it is essential to ensure that the back muscles are properly straightened. This will ensure that muscles of the midsection get the workout they need. The effect will be that one burns more calories with more muscle groups in just a short time. This will lead to a balanced figure, where all the muscles are well toned.

Change Routine

The human muscles usually plateau quite fast. As a result, using the same routine repeatedly will cause these muscles to plateau. Consequently, the workouts will become a waste of time with no observable benefits. Most elliptical machines come with different settings that one can use to keep the muscles from plateauing. This includes resistance setting, stride length and the elevation. It is important to combine as many of these settings as possible to make gains for the body. Time is precious and there is no use wasting it on an unproductive activity.


Since an elliptical workout is not so strenuous, most people tend to get distracted. They either scroll through their phone or turn on the TV. It is important to note failing to be fully immersed in the workout will only reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. One needs to concentrate and make sure they are using the muscles they want to develop. Otherwise, one could end up wasting a lot of effort developing stabilizer muscles.

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